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How does this work?

In our control panel you will find the voting section. By helping us with your vote, you would not only help our server grow, you also receive rewards (voting points) for your support.

With this voting system you can get in-game items like the Golden Arena Coupon Gold ArenaC.gif and the VIP Coupon (1 day)

How can I vote?

Voting is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

1) Access the Voting Panel using the "Vote" option from the menu.


2) You will see the Tops panels where you can vote.

Click on any of them and you will automatically be redirected to the link of the Top in which you can register your vote to Laguna Realm.

Vote to LR.png

3) When you have voted, in the control panel you will be able to see the time you must wait to be able to register your vote again on the same page.

In the Tops where you have not voted yet, they will appear with the legend "Vote at".

Vote at.png

4) To download your votes from the Control Panel to the server, you must log in in-game and your voting points will be uploaded to your account.


5) The "Open Vote Store" option will allow you to open the vote store and use your Voting Points.


Thank you for voting for Laguna Realm and helping us grow!