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The @security command has been implemented.

This command will help you protect your account from unauthorized access, so even if they can discover your account password, if you protect it with this system it will be more secure, since you must necessarily enter a different password from your account.

Security LR.png

By typing this command, the system will request you to install a passcode, this with the purpose of securing your account.

Security Pass.png


In each of the following cases, you will be asked for the security code you assigned in @security

  • Login lock: when logging in with any character
  • Storage lock: every time you want to open your Storage
  • Guild Storage lock: every time you want to open the guild storage
  • Trade Lock:
Every time you execute the @security command to access the configuration of these modules, it will ask you for your security password, if you enter the password wrong 3 times, your account will be blocked and you will have to go with a member of the staff to be unlocked.