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Mining system

What does it consist of?

How to enter the mine

  • To be able to enter, you must first have a character with a Base Level of 255.
  • The Miner NPC is located on the map @go eden.
  • To enter, you must first obtain a mining license, which you can obtain from the Eden Licenses NPC. However, you must first complete the Eden Group quest.
Eden Mine.png

Starting mining

Once you have obtained your mining license, venture into the mine and search among the minerals for a Mineral Deposit that you can interact with.


When you find a mineral deposit that you can interact with, you will start a casting bar. Once it finishes, you will obtain either Coal, other minerals, or rare minerals.


Take into account:

  • When you start mining, you will have 20 Mine Stamina, which allows you to mine in exchange for one Stamina point.
  • Once your Stamina is depleted, your character will be unable to mine for the next 30 minutes. After that time, your maximum Mine Stamina will be restored.
  • Each time you mine a vein, you will earn 1 mining experience point that helps you level up.
  • As you level up, you will gain 1 maximum Mine Stamina point (you can level up until reaching a maximum of 30 Mine Stamina).
  • You can obtain one license per character.


Inside the mine, you can find different minerals that will help you create various objects.

  • Coal: This item is used to create diamonds.
Aesir Coal.png
  • Diamonds: This item is obtained by transforming 10 pieces of coal with the NPC and is used to purchase mining equipment.
Aesir Diamond.png
  • Rare Minerals: Rare minerals that you can find while in the mine. These are used for creating new Laguna Enchant, Enchantments, and adding slots to objects.
Clear Crystal.png
Fear Crystal.png
Rainbow Crystal.png

Convert Coal into Diamonds

After obtaining a sufficient amount of coal, it's time to convert it into diamonds. When you exit the mine, talk to the Miner NPC again to buy diamonds from the mining shop. In exchange for 10 pieces of coal, you will receive 1 diamond.


Mining Shop

To access the Mining Store, you just need to talk to the NPC and choose the second option, "Diamond Shop." This will open a small tab where you can view the mining equipment.

Remember that the currency used is the Diamond for making purchases.

Mining Shop.png

Mining Equipment

The mining store contains equipment that will help you save time, which are:

Mining Helmet.png
Mining Hoe.png
Mining Boots.png
Mining Glove.png

This equipment will help you significantly reduce mining time.
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