Gold Arena

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Inside the arena of Gold Room you will find Pecos that give you 1 zeny point each.

These points have a value of 100,000 zeny, so the more Pecos you kill, the more zeny you will get.

Gold Arena.png

How to Access

In order to access the Gold Arena, you must get a Gold Arena Coupon, you can get these at the voting store, the NPC is located at @go service.

Gold Arena Coupon.png

Once you consume the ticket, you will need to use the @go goldarena command, which will take you to the arena

You should also know that the coupon gives you access to the gold arena for only 60 minutes, so use it wisely.

How to get out?

When your coupon has expired, or you just want to leave the room, you must look for an NPC that looks like a totem, which are scattered throughout the arena.

You will have to interact with him so that a code appears on top of your character, which you must enter to be able to leave the room, as shown in the following photo.

Exit Gold Arena.png