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Welcome to Laguna Realm

To make your time on the server easier and more entertaining from the beginning, we leave you here some simple steps to start the adventure.


Step One

When entering the server for the first time, you must select the language of your choice with the NPC 1st Step.

Keep in mind that the language you select will be the one that the game will show you when carrying out your quests, so make sure to select the one that is most comfortable for you.

1st Step.png

Step Two

Once you have chosen your language, go to the stairs that are on the right side, you will run into the NPC 2nd Step.

When talking to him, he will offer you the starter pack, which aims to make your start on the server easier. It also intends to introduce you to some of the things that LR offers you, such as the Laguna Black Box or the VIP Coupons.

2nd Step.png

The starter pack consists of:

Starter Pack.png
Starter Pack Boxes.png
Starter Pack Coupons.png
You will only be offered the starter pack at this point in the game.

Final Step

Once you are ready to start your adventure, go to the opposite end and confirm your settings, to later be able to leave the room through the portal that is in the center room.

And you're ready!

It's time to conquer the wide world of Laguna Realm.

Don't forget to check Information and Commands to learn more about the server.

Welcome to Laguna Realm