Weekly Missions

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Welcome. You can choose 3 different missions to complete. Every mission will give you Aesir Tokens, according to the difficulty of the mission. When you complete all 3 missions, you'll have to wait until Monday 00:00 to get new missions.

Weekly Missions.png

Be careful! These missions CANNOT BE CANCELLED and you must complete one to choose another one. So choose carefully.

Viktor's Production Line

Find Viktor and help him to get his required items to start his production line. You can find Viktor in prt_fild05 363 212.


This friend needs some fresh seafood products. There are so many monsters lately, and it's becoming very difficult for him to find them. Help him collect the following 3 items:

ID Item Quantity
912 Zargon 100
966 Clam Flesh 100
7003 Anolian Skin 100