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Give a use to the cards you don't use, keep your storage clean and make a profit from it.

With the NPC "Recycling" which you will find @go service, you can recycle all the cards you like, in exchange it will give you "recycling points".


You must collect 100 of these points to obtain 1 Aesir Token Token LR.png in return.

Recycling Points

When you go to recycle your cards, BE CAREFUL which cards you select, make sure you don't choose the cards you will need, as there will be no returns.

The amount of recycling points you will get, depends on what kind of cards you will recycle:

  • Common Card (Dropped by classic mobs): 10 points.
  • MvP Card (Dropped by MvP's on their original map): 50 points.
  • Laguna Card: 500 points.

Recycler Points.png