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Get easy rewards!

Aesir has a daily reward system. For only logging in once every 24 hours, you will receive a prize.

The rewards system resets every month. For example, if the reward starts on May 12, then it will end on June 12, so you have until then to log in every day of that month and claim your rewards. Over the course of the month you can receive items and comsumables like: Aesir Token, Laguna Green Box, Laguna Red Box, Convex Mirror, Laguna Heroic Card Chest, Safe Weapon Certificates, Laguna Legendary Card Chest, Costumes, and more.

Archivo:Recompensa Diaria Aesir.png

How do I claim it?

In order to claim these rewards, all you have to do is log in with your main character and use the @attendance command to claim the reward of the day with your account. By clicking "yes", your account will be ready to claim the reward at the attendance check.

Archivo:Attendance check.jpg

After following these steps, your reward of the day can be found in your mailbox.



And you are set to go!

In this way we can be claiming simple rewards, after logging in every day.