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As you may know, carrying too many consumables can be a hassle, as it becomes practically impossible to trade or carry them all. That's why we created the NPC Compactor, which can be found at @go 16 or @go services.

Compactor Npc.png

When interacting with him, you will see the options he offers, which are:

Compactor System.png

Once you choose the consumable you want to compact, you need to enter the quantity of consumables you want to compact, knowing that in order to create a box, you must have 50 of the same consumable. Each box has a cost of 500 Zeny.

Compactor Consumables.png

When you enter the quantity of consumables you want to compact and click on "Continue," the compactor will give your consumable boxes (Mail Mail icon.png ).

Compactor Items.png

And that way, you can carry your consumables everywhere.

See you later!